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Live Webinar

Building Relationships

through Real Life Skills 

Saturday 28 November 2020 Part 1

Saturday 12 December 2020 Part 2

9.00 -16.00 (UK time) - 1 hr lunch break


 Live webinar, including time for questions 

Target group: Prospective professionals, professionals and dog owners looking for a greater depth of understanding 


Total cost for both days: £180 

Two-day discount available for IPACS and ISPACS graduates


One-day place available Saturday 28 November 2020 - Cost: £105 

No one-day places available for Saturday 12 December 2020 

Dogs have a very special place in our hearts especially because of their unconditional love. But what is a good relationship based upon? How do we recognise and meet individual needs?

Mutual respect comes from understanding our dogs and acknowledging them for who they are. For many dogs there is little choice in their lives with us whereas others receive little guidance and are left to their own devices. 

No matter whether we have a dog with a past from a rescue shelter, a brand new puppy, an adolescent or a senior dog with whom we have shared our lives for many years, we always strive to improve their life quality.  

Using photo and video material Sheila takes you beyond the obvious, examining not only our relationships with our dogs but offers suggestions on many of the more subtle ways of improving self-confidence and building bonds with trust, patience, understanding and respect. 

We invite you to look differently at the needs of dogs and the way in which you play a role in your mutual relationship. 

Learning objectives

  • Identify the components of a healthy relationship

  • Understand subtleties that build trust and respect

  • Develop awareness of how to apply choices, boundaries

  • Recognise and understand the role of mutual influence

  • Recognise and understand factors involved in building self-esteem and self-confidence

  • Develop awareness of how to improve the dog-dog relationship


Equivalent of 12 hours of CPD / 12 CEU’s

Beardie 4.jpg
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