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Talking Dogs:

An Insight into Canine Communication,

Body Language and Calming Signals

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Saturday 7th September 2019, Hampshire.

9.30 (registration) - 5pm.  

Venue: Rake Village Hall, Brewells Lane, Liss, Hampshire, GU33 7JA

Price: £125   

Discounts available: see below

Essential knowledge for anyone who has anything to do with dogs either as a pet-owner or on a professional basis, including vets, behaviourists and trainers and those working in rescue kennels.

The body language of dogs is often misunderstood or misinterpreted and as a result our interaction can lead to conflict or even confrontation. Simply by responding to dogs with empathetic body language we can help reduce a build up of stress and consequently help fearful, excitable and hyperactive dogs. 


This seminar will provide an insight into canine language and communication, including suggestions on how to naturally implement this gentle and positive philosophy into interactions with dogs. 


Learn to read how your dog feels, learn how to communicate with him and make a start on solving behaviour issues together!

  • Understanding dogs’ body language

  • Common misconceptions

  • Improving observational skills through analysis of slides and video footage

  • How to start implementing this knowledge


Talking Dogs complements the following day’s seminar entitled: Help! I Can’t Cope! An Introduction to Stress in Dogs. Both seminars would provide an ideal introduction to the in-depth International Programme for Applied Canine Studies, for those who would like a taster or for those who are just curious to find out more. 

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2 day Seminar 

7th & 8th Sept. 2019 £240.00

1 day Seminar: Talking Dogs

Saturday 7th Sept 2019: £125.

Booking both seminars:

Talking Dogs & Help! I can't cope!

 7th & 8th Sept 2019: £240.00

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Talking Dogs

7th Sept. 2019 £125.00

Discount bookings:

ISCP and IPACS student discount: 1 day £99 

either Talking Dogs (7 Sept 19) or Help! I Can’t Cope (8 Sept 19)

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Talking Dogs

7th Sept. 2019 £99.00

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2 day Seminar 

7th & 8th Sept. 2019 £198.00

A three-day seminar / practical workshop on lead handling is planned for 2020 in the same venue, implementing several of the suggestions provided in these seminars.

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