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Each dog deserves to be understood


Sharing two-way communication through awareness and appropriate response to canine body language, along with understanding canine behaviour and psychology, will help dog and owner build a deeper relationship based on mutual trust and respect.

However much we may love our dogs, from time to time problems can arise. This may be due to a wide variety of reasons ranging from health issues to traumatic past experiences. Some dogs may develop issues related to “aggression”, socialisation or separation, or may be struggling in their environment with fear, insecurity, stress or hyperactivity. 

Whatever the case, we offer practical guidance and support for the specific needs of each individual, dog and owner alike.

With Sheila Harper you will enjoy a unique approach to learning about and working with dogs.

Our primary purpose is to educate, but in an ethical way, that recognises each dog as an individual, and places them at the centre of all the work we do.

We have studied, extensively, the root causes of behaviour and environment related problems and believe that human / canine partnerships, developed through a two way communication-based system, provide the best remedy.

About Sheila

Since taking on her first rescue dog with dog to dog and dog to human aggression, Sheila has lived and worked with a wide variety of challenging dogs. Much of Sheila’s knowledge has come through observing interactions of the dogs she has lived with, learning how they gain skills to face such challenges as resolving conflicts themselves. 


Rather than focussing on teaching problem dogs to obey commands, she helps to teach them Real Life Skills, skills they can apply and adapt to any situation, where they can gain maturity and responsibility. In all aspects, the physical and mental well-being of the animal is of paramount importance 


Sheila regularly teaches throughout Europe and has also worked in the USA and New Zealand.  Over the last 20 years Sheila has found herself becoming increasingly involved in health aspects including Applied Zoopharmacognosy, nutrition and complementary therapies. 

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