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3 Day Workshop
Lead Handling for Professionals:
Developing Real Life Skills

21st September - 23rd September 2021

Venue: CTC, (Cannock Chase), Penkridge Bank Road, Rugeley, Staffordshire WS15 2UA

Join this three-day workshop to develop your practical competence in handling skills whilst deepening your connection, understanding and response to the dog in your care.

This is all done within the context of walks through natural environments.

Lead handling with insight and perception can have an enormous impact on each dog’s skill development and behaviour and can considerably strengthen your mutual relationship. We all know how aware dogs can be of the slightest movement, and the effect it can have on their anxiety and defensiveness, for example. We also recognise just how subtle dogs are by nature. Being aware of these things ourselves puts us in a position to provide support and security when they most need it.


Most courses in canine training and behaviour are theoretical or based on conventional learning theory, including those leading to professional accreditation. 

As a result, many professionals working in this field qualify without having had sufficient opportunity to gain wider in-depth practical experience. This innovative workshop will help to fill that gap.

This course does not promote teaching exercises or conditioning behaviours. Rather it is about working towards being able to respond to situations as they occur in real life, helping handler and dog become more secure whilst developing their personal skills.

Facilitating learning through Real Life Skills encompasses

  • the dynamics of empathetic lead handling

  • the subtleties of two-way communication

  • working with choices and boundaries for skill development

  • avoiding confrontation without avoiding learning

  • how to share responsibility with your dog for constructive outcomes such as confidence building

  • recognising learning opportunities for improving Real-Life Skills rather than focussing on dealing with a dog’s reactive responses

  • the emotional impact for both you and your dog


Learn how to embrace challenges!



Each day will consist of intensive practical work with your own dog, with opportunities for one-to-one coaching sessions.


There will be four practical sessions per day. These will take place in the natural learning  environment of Cannock Chase within the context of a walk. Prior to each walk, specific principles and theory will be discussed which can be applied within the context of that session. Opportunities for observations and feedback will be given.

  • Two sessions per day will be with your own dog

  • Two additional sessions per day will involve you being a part of a walk with another dog and handler while your dog rests in your car under supervision.


£395 per handler and dog.

£325 per participant without a dog


Handler places limited to 10 only

A small number of participants may attend without dogs.

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