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Help! I Can’t Cope!

An Introduction to Stress in Dogs

Sunday 8 September 2019, Hampshire.

9.30 (registration) - 5pm.  

Venue: Rake Village Hall, Brewells Lane, Liss, Hampshire, GU33 7JA

Price: £125   

Discounts available: see below

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A one-day course aimed to increase awareness of the issues surrounding stress and hyperactivity in dogs.  Gain an insight into the importance of both the physical and psychological effects of stress in dogs and understand the contributory factors.

Does your dog suffer from mood swings or sometimes seem to have forgotten what he has been taught? And perhaps never seems to tire no matter how much exercise and play you give him?  Or does he have no energy, dislike being touched? Or is he sight and sound sensitive, barking at or reacting to anything and everything?


Find out more about:

  • Insight into common issues such as biting hands or the lead along with mood swings

  • Time scales

  • Dogs with frequently recurring health issues such as ear infections and allergies.

  • Suggestions to help improve the daily balance in your dog’s life along with his health


Every aspect of the time spent with a dog can make a difference to the overall balance and well-being of the individual. By working towards reducing stress levels and improving the bond between you a state of calmness and confidence can be achieved.

Included will be practical suggestions for reducing conflict, strategies for management and problem solving, stress reduction and handling techniques.

Analysis of video footage, and some group discussion included.

1 day Seminar: Help!

Sunday 8th Sept 2019: £125.

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8th Sept. 2019 £125.00

Booking both seminars:

Talking Dogs & Help! I can't cope!

 7th & 8th Sept 2019: £240.00

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2 day Seminar 

7th & 8th Sept. 2019 £240.00

Discount bookings:

ISCP and IPACS student discount: 1 day £99 

either Talking Dogs (7 Sept 19) or Help! I Can’t Cope (8 Sept 19)

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8th Sept. 2019 £99.00

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2 day Seminar 

7th & 8th Sept. 2019 £198.00

A three-day seminar / practical workshop on lead handling is planned for 2020 in the same venue, implementing several of the suggestions provided in these seminars.

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