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Supported walks


you and your dog

Venue:  Cannock Chase

Contact: Sheila Harper

Tel: 01889 802685

Suitable for owners who need help, or who would simply enjoy walking their dog with 1:1 guidance.

Our walks will help with:

  • lead handling

  • dogs that need help walking nicely

  • excitable or reactive dogs

  • dogs that are easily distracted or disconnected

  • dogs and owners that need support around other dogs and people

  • dogs that “pull” on lead

  • being able to understand the behaviours your dog is showing and why


What to expect

Sheila, Winny and their team initially work with dogs and owners on a one-to-one basis.

Our overall aim is to help you and your dog learn together, rising to challenges, and

equipping you with the tools you need in everyday situations.


Session 1

The aim of the first session is to find out more about your dog and his needs during the walk, according to his responses, so that handling guidance can be given. Initially the focus is on handling the lead and becoming more aware of the dog and what affects him.


Session 2

During the second walk, the focus shifts to body language, particularly the responses between you and your dog. This, in combination with lead handling, will be helpful for knowing how you can help your dog deal with different situations.


Session 3

An awareness of the environment and what it can mean for a dog will help you to be able to give your dog much more support in everyday life. Now, handling the lead, along with reading your dog, responding to him, and helping him to feel comfortable within the environment are key factors.


Session 4

Depending upon the needs of you and your dog, there may be another dog (and/or person) present at a suitable distance, so that you have the opportunity to implement what you have learnt so far. You may be in a position to start helping your dog to communicate and show appropriate responses to other dogs. Of course, if you and your dog are ready for this before session 4, there may be opportunities to work on this aspect during an earlier session.


Subsequent walks

Many owners decide to continue with supported walks, possibly sharing the route with another dog and owner, eventually leading to small groups being formed. There will be opportunities for shared 1 to 1 input during the walk from a variety of team members so that your own skills, and those of your dog can develop naturally.


Current fees        



Each session usually lasts for one hour including introduction and review. The practical time spent will differ according to the age / health of each individual. 

1:1 Sessions

Initial assessment and walk £65 (prior to a longer commitment if you prefer)

Four session package £165  (£50 per walk if paid separately)

One of our team will coach you individually throughout the duration of your walk

Follow on

1:1 walks Four sessions £150

For those who would like ongoing support once you have completed a minimum of four prior sessions. One of our team will coach you throughout the duration of your walk. You may have the opportunity to work in the presence of another dog and owner.


Group walks (shared input up to 4 dogs)

Single sessions £40; four sessions: £115

Group walks may be available upon request once you and your dog have progressed and are ready to share input with other suitable dogs and owners.

From our experience most dogs need to have at least 8 walks before they are ready to join in with a group walk.

During these shared walks it is intended that dogs improve their communication and have skilful interactions. One of our team will accompany the group and give tailor-made input to each owner in turn.


Note: Sessions to be paid for in advance with 24 hour cancellation. Weekend / evening sessions incur a £15 surcharge.

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email or phone us for further information

to apply, download questionnaire & return  

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